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ABSV Consulting care to keep the general ledger to corporations, partnerships, professionals or companies based abroad who wish to develop their activities in Italy, providing the necessary data processing.

We also offer our clients consulting services in administrative, financial and management with the support of professionals such as accountants and legal auditors of accounts duly entered on the rolls. In particular, the Public Accountants Division is divided into:

1) Area Minimum taxpayers, simplified accounting
2) Ordinary Area Accounting, Budget and society
3) Constitution Area companies, companies, relationships with Public Offices and contracts
4) Tax Litigation Area
5) Area Legal audit and accounts
6) Area Relations with Foreign Companies and Entities
7) Government Area non-commercial, NGO and Associations
8) Succession Area and Transfers
9) failure area, agreed and crisis management firm
10) Finance Area For all your needs concerning the areas described above can contact us asking us for a first free advice, please fill in the form and we will contact you as soon as possible

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